Foreskin Dream is on its way back ................. Watch this space


The content is inappropriate for minors and appropriate care should be taken to ensure that it is not viewed by anyone under the age of 18.Foreskin-Dream-Banner-FD2010-500-x-100-300x51


We are pleased to announce that Foreskin Dream the dedicated website for admirers and lovers of the intact adult mail foreskin is returning,

Where did we go? Our website was maliciously attacked on a number of occasions each time causing major damage to the website databases, resulting in major operational overload of our web servers. The problems were so vast it would be simpler to totally rebuild the whole website. Realisation dawned, that three years of planning, design development, long hours sometimes working through the night totally destroyed by mindless individuals. Individuals who gain pleasure from hacking and destroying other peoples work, depriving many thousands of followers of their favourite website. 

It has taken a lot of thought and conscious effort to muster the enthusiasm to totally rebuild the website, with the intention of making it bigger and better than ever.


Foreskin Dream Website